Why I Blogged (or ReadMe)

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Firstly I enjoy blogging (writing a blog). I want to develop a writing style, and this gives me a perfect excuse to do that.

The other reason is, I believe after more than 20 years of finding the right people for the right jobs and vice versa, that I can help you get more out of your Recruitment Agency, and in the process explain a few myths and mysteries.I see a lot of the same things now that I did when I first started.

I see a lot of the same things now that I did when I first started.

The advice I hear the people that I work with and have worked with, give to candidates about their CV, interviewing style, how agencies work, hasn’t changed really very much, if at all.

So I’m thinking that if I wrap all of the advice together and then share it with you, you stand a far better chance of getting more from your job search, specifically when it comes to dealing with some Recruitment Agencies (some, not all, there’s some terrible ones out there).

Anyway, I hope it helps.

Kind regards


P.S. This is also here to help you. So if you don’t understand something, don’t agree with something, want to ask about something that isn’t covered, then leave a comment.

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