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About Sean Durrant Recruitment Consultant

About Sean Durrant Recruitment Consultant

I’ve got a genuine passion for Technology, Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Big Data, Communication and compelling Copywriting.

As I’ve already said, this website is purely here for me to mess around with WordPress and refine some kind of writing style, tell you a bit about myself, and hopefully explain a little about how recruitment agencies work along the way.

The Youth Training Scheme

I started my working life on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) with a Plumbing & Electrical Wholesaler in Portsmouth.
It was my first job, and it taught me how to help people that knew what they wanted, but preferred to deal with someone that understood them on a technical level.

After a few years working in different industries for short periods of time (croupier, retail sales, labourer on a building site) I settled into Recruitment and never looked back (although I never forgot the frustration of the job search).

Noel Employment
I started my career with a national high street recruitment agency called Noel Employment, and began on the commercial desk.

While this was a great job for a young man in the summer it didn’t really fit with me, so I moved to Industrial (finding people for jobs such as Chefs, Cooks, Warehouse Operatives, as well as HGV and Fork Lift Truck Drivers) before being tempted to join another National Recruitment Agency called Shorterm Engineers.

Shorterm Engineers & My Method Of Recruitment
Shorterm placed mainly contract / temporary staff throughout the UK and my office based in Waterlooville dealt exclusively with the South Coast.

Over the 7 years I was with the company, I developed through trial and error my method of recruitment. I refined my process to not only ensure I focussed and understood the hiring managers expectations, while ensuring the candidates expectations were not only discovered but equally met.

During my time I pretty much spoke to (and met with) all of the Manufacturing and Precision Engineering businesses in the Hampshire Sussex and Dorset areas.

I got to know my clients, and what they did pretty well, placing all types of skilled engineers from Prototype Wirers to Technical Directors and everything in between.

Some of the most memorable projects were

• A Team of 12 Turbine Fitters working in France
• 30 mechanical fitters for the Agricultural Sector in Sussex
• A wide variety of staff from Shop floor to Design and Management for a Petro Chem company in Portsmouth (this included everything again from ASME IX Coded TIG Welders to 3D Solid Modellers using Catia)

Elite Resourcing
In December 2000 I established my own Recruitment Agency with a former work colleague and called It Elite Resourcing.

Supported and financially backed by a major Plc I continued doing the same work, albeit with different clients.

Initially, it grew from nothing to become a respected provider of skilled engineers throughout the UK.

We worked on everything from one off temps, to teams of contractors, and even multiple permanent placements, again across the board in the precision Engineering and Manufacturing Sectors.

Examples of projects would be
• 10 – 20 PCB Solderers to work on the Isle of Wight
• 13 x NDT Technicians to work in Aberdeen
• PLC Programmers working offshore in Mexico
• A whole management team comprising of a Design Manager, a Purchasing Manager and a Production Manager for a Manufacturer of Medical Equipment in Hampshire.

Ultimately I became responsible for three very different and diverse recruitment agencies on the South Coast, and as a result I was asked to work with a further three sites stretching from Somerset to Brighton taking the total number to six.

I sold my shares in 2009.

Bespoke Recruitment
In 2010 I established Bespoke Recruitment Solutions and focussed on the CNC Machining sector and in 2012 concluded that the self employed life WAS NOT for me.

Joining the Clemtech team shortly after, I now specialise in the Rail Rolling Stock sector finding Engineers for Train Operating Companies, Train Manufacturers and Rail Consultancies.

Working and living in the Village of Denmead is wonderful, and the walk to the office is a relatively short one.

I started this Blog to fuel my passion for technology and along the way help you get more from your Recruitment Agency.

If you have a question, or a comment get in touch.

You never know I may be able to help…

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